Ldn for ADHD, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, CFS, MCAD, MCAS

About 6 months ago my brilliant naturopath suggested I research low dose naltrexone or LDN as an optional tool in my healthcare. I gave it a try, and only in hindsight after letting prescription refill linger for 2 months did I realize what a huge positive impact it has had on my health. I restarted taking LDN daily about a month ago and had immediate improved energy, concentration and lessening of food sensitivities. I am attempting to get a prescription for my son (recently diagnosed with inattentive ADHD and MCAD) – it is an uphill battle. There is quite a bit of data online supporting LDN for pediatric chrons, PANDAS and autism behaviors. I am determined to find help for him. Thank goodness for the Internet.

/// Update regarding low dose naltrexone::: the medicine helped in so many ways, my favorite being ending shingles recurrences (10 plus outbreaks last year! Grr) However– since discovering iodine deficiency and supplementing that, I’ve dropped ldn and have even better results. Ldn did bridge the gap! ///

Pediatric mcas / mcad

We’ve been at wits end past several months with eleven year old sons constant tummy troubles. Finally got in to see an allergy specialist that I requested referral to specifically because of seeing mast cell disease mentioned on his website bio. Son was diagnosed with mcad- tentatively as we try out meds and await his serum tryptase results. I wanted to post the prescribed meds because if I had ANY idea of what was safe for an 11 year old I would have already tried this and saved him waiting for months and months. Recommendation was one zyrtec daily and twice a day a 75mg Zantac. He already is taking 100g ketotifen at meals and bedtime. I hadn’t been sending the lunchtime tab to school but doing so now!

Giving keto another try: Day 1.

Way back in my 24.7 years of chronic daily migraine, I tried keto and it worked – no more migraines! – but it felt completely unsustainable: insomnia, hormones went wacky with estrogen dominance, and more insomnia. I’ve recently found some online tips for women and am trying it again in hopes it will calm down hit flashes which seem linked to hypoglycemia. Plan is to add bit of fiber & protein with each mainly fat meal and lots of colorful veg.

Last night was trying to prep myself with mct oil on veg: immediate insomnia. My sleep tracker says I got 2 hours of sleep, despite staying in bed longer to try to catch up. Aaaaaargh!!!! No MCT past lunch, no problem.


Hot Coffee Plus:

1 C coffee

1T collagen

1T Mct oil

1 square unsweetened chocolate

1/2 t Maca

3 drops stevia


Myofunctional Therapy

Time to dive into the great results my son has been having regarding turning around a habit of lisp for S and Z.

He has tried many different therapies over the past few years including seeing in-person a speech language therapist or SLT and doing at-home exercises provided by school speech therapist (apparently to be deemed in need of therapy a student has to not only have the issue, but an have an embarrassment about the issue as well; so not okay). We’ve finally found the golden ticket in some at-home skyping to learn some myofunctional exercises.

After the third week of myofunctional practice (approx 5-15 minutes per day, increasing incrementally each week) – spontaneous correct S and Z sounds coming out of his mouth, ALL the time. I know it’s not entirely spontaneous as he is making the effort, however Every Single S and Z: Spot on. Amazing. We had done even more practice per day on the other SLT and speech therapist exercises to NO avail.

I am so blown away by this progress. He was able to make correct sounds within the first week. Currently on session 6 and have signed up for 12 total. The sessions and week numbers are no longer in sync because we took some vacations in the middle. Will update towards the end with anything new we’ve learned.

Mast Cell Management

I planned on writing weekly but I must get down on virtual paper : don’t forget the ketotifen!!!! Whenever consuming food over 100 calories within an hour- take ketotifen first or as soon into the eating as possible. This is for a meal or any snack over 100 calories, unless it’s liquid, or near liquid like yogurt, kefir, smoothie. I forgot to do this for last nights evening meal, and paid for it by eventually getting start of migraine today, probably 18 hour build up.

There are a couple types of mast Cell disease, a reactive anaphylactic type and a smoldering constant reaction. The latter sounds better and is less life threatening in terms of fatalities but it can destroy lives, for example by triggering constant migraines.

Ketotifen: it’s what’s for dinner.