Medical medium EDS MCAD Fibro CFS

— update: this didn’t work for me. If you’re going to try juicing please check your urine Ph first- mine’s often more alkaline than the norm and juicing tips me to further alkaline & feeling much worse —

I coincidentally received a strong recommendation to read the book ‘Medical Medium’ within 24 hours of realizing Ehler Danlos syndrome is likely the umbrella over all the bizarre health issues in my family. I fell asleep about 10 times listening to the book on audible but managed to hear ‘Celery Juicing’ loud and clear. Luckily I had both celery and a juicer (well. Not luckily – because I’ve tried every DANG thing under the sun) so made & drank the 16oz celery juice. Planning to continue for 30 days and log. Today also had Berberine in system. Feeling better than yesterday and I guess that’s a good start.

2 thoughts on “Medical medium EDS MCAD Fibro CFS

  1. Wow, “overalkaline” – interesting, most people are overly acidic and need to become more alkaline for healing. What’s it like being overly alkaline? I love how scientific and pointed you are in measuring what’s going on with your body. I’m not sure I’ve ever properly measured my pH levels.

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    • I think pH tape is at most healthfood stores w/vitamins; or eBay for cheap… it was So useful to show my ND weird pH activity to finally get minimal T3 thyroid prescription; I brought in gross used pee strips & S Fowkes article which said the high alkaline cycle is common in migraine (maybe cluster too?!) & needs thyroid to correct. Drs hate me. The higher alkaline (above 7.5ish), the more nauseous/barfy and migraines at 9. Without enough thyroid meds I’d have to eat acidic like bacon & lentils to bring down pH: Bizarre!
      SF link (bad mobile site)
      Trying DUTCH (hormones thru pee) testing next- either w ND or online; hoping to feel more human, stat.


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