Giving keto another try: Day 1.

Way back in my 24.7 years of chronic daily migraine, I tried keto and it worked – no more migraines! – but it felt completely unsustainable: insomnia, hormones went wacky with estrogen dominance, and more insomnia. I’ve recently found some online tips for women and am trying it again in hopes it will calm down hit flashes which seem linked to hypoglycemia. Plan is to add bit of fiber & protein with each mainly fat meal and lots of colorful veg.

Last night was trying to prep myself with mct oil on veg: immediate insomnia. My sleep tracker says I got 2 hours of sleep, despite staying in bed longer to try to catch up. Aaaaaargh!!!! No MCT past lunch, no problem.


Hot Coffee Plus:

1 C coffee

1T collagen

1T Mct oil

1 square unsweetened chocolate

1/2 t Maca

3 drops stevia